AboutยปProject Submission Guidlines

Project Submission Guidlines

  1. Projects should not require administration fees, but may accept donations (as long as they are not required). Volunteers may be expected to pay for their own food / lodging.
  2. As a general guild-line, projects should charge less than $500 / month for food and accommodation. Projects in especially expensive places may have slightly higher fees, but in general, we are looking for free opportunities only.
  3. Project should not result in the generation of profit for an individual or company, but should instead have purely pro-social / pro-environmental goals.
  4. We will accept (for review) project submissions from any individual or organization that meet these guidelines.
  5. These are "Volunteer" projects, the expectation being that people responding will freely give their time for the agreed upon period because they personally want to support the project. Volunteers will not be paid, but will know that their efforts are directly supporting something they believe in.
  6. Faith based organizations are welcome to submit projects that have the above listed aims. Please note that we do not accept projects with a missionary aim, though.
  7. Although we will strive to be as fair and impartial as possible, IndependentVolunteer.org reserves the right to accept or reject any project for any reason.
  8. Please expect a delay of up to 3 months before approved projects will appear on the website (we understand this is a long time and are working on systems to make this much faster).
  9. We reserve the right to amend these guidelines at any time.