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Brazil-Eco Taipe

Project id:359
Date submitted:2013-10-14
Date approved:2013-10-28
Project name:Eco Taipe
Short description:Volunteering project - sustainable living, bio contruction and permaculture
Country name:Brazil
Region name:South America
Address:Estrada Pitinga, Taipe, Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil
Commitment:About 1 month
Type of work:General Projects / Multiple Activities
Required skills:n/a
Costs:Food and / or Accommodation
Contact person:Kelly Crompton de Gallego
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Phone:0055 73 98179780
Full description:Eco Taipe is a new project set in the rural coastal area of Taipe in Bahia Brazil. Eco Taipe will be an eco friendly, self sufficient and sustainable living, working and social environment built to co-exist in complete harmony with its stunning natural mata-atlantic surroundings, protecting and reserving the natural flora and fauna.
Additional info:The Project will work with local and international volunteers under the principles of permaculture and using bio construction techniques with natural and recycled products for builds. We will be working with local residents and businesses encouraging them to get involved and support the associated recycling schemes, as well as creating a local children�€�s eco-awareness initiative and supporting local culture events and activities.

The project started in Oct 2013, so we are looking for our 2nd group f volunteers for the Jan-Mar 2014 period. Volunteers should know that this is a 100% new project. We will be working together to put basic facilities including water, electricity, toilets, showers, accommodation and communal areas in place, cultivating the land to prepare for this, planting fruit trees, and generally preparing for a sustainable living environment

Expectation of volunteers:

Volunteers are expected to work around 4-5 hours per day Monday-Friday, we start work early whilst its cooler and then afternoons and weekends are your free time
Basic accommodation is provided, by basic we mean you are likely to be sharing a room with other people and sleeping on mattresses on the floor
3 meals a day are provided during the week. Saturdays and Sundays are free days where you might want to eat out or prepare your own meals on site.
Minimum stay is 2 weeks but priority will be given to longer stays
Minimum age 18
The type of work will be mixed including bio-construction, agricultural activities like planting and cultivating the land, art projects using recycled materials, cooking, cleaning etc.
We accept non skilled volunteers, but if you have a special skill that could benefit the project please let us know, i.e builders, carpenters, electricians, gardeners etc, but also people who can bring different skills to the groups i.e. musicians, yoga teachers, artists etc.