Project Name:Oiyakaha
Date Posted:25/01/2010
Address:Jardim Floresta, Amazonas, Brazil
Commitment:one month
Type Of Work:We expect you to help about 7 hours a day. The types of work are manly ecological constructions, agricultural aktivities like planting, harvesting brazil nuts, and marking trees. Everybody will help with daily chores, such as cooking and cleaning up.
Required Skills:For your traveling and stay in Brasil it would be good to speak portugese. While with me, I speak english, dutch, german, portugese, japanese and a bit of spanish
No special skills needed, but some good hands and practical sence. Liking to be in nature and living a simple live.
There is no luxury here but we can make it enjoyable.
Costs:There are no fees regarding the voluntary. However, since Oiyakaha is still a young project and its land doesn't provide sufficient food yet, we will share the cost for additional food (calculate about 80€ or 100US$ per month). If you have a special diet or want to buy your food seperately that's fine.
Contact Person:Markus Shimizu
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:Living conditions at Oiyakaha are very basic. This includes the following

litte electricity,
no telephone or internet,
drinking water comes from a fresh water spring on the property,
personal hygiene and washing your clothes will take place in the river,
we will sleep in hammocks,

Oiyakaha is a non smoking site.

Please visit the website for aditional information. Contact me first before you come, since there is not always someone at the property.

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