Project Name:Teaching Position in a Community School
Date Posted:29/10/2008
Address:BP 319 Buea,Cameroon
Commitment:1 to 6 months
Type Of Work:Teaching children various subjects related to their curriculum in school,computer studies and other vocational skills
Required Skills:English and French
Contact Person:Veronique Ngwemanjong NDIKUM
Email: (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+237 77711782
Additional Info:none

El-Hajal Cesar — 17 March 2011, 09:43

i am a university graduate in commerce. I would like to offer my time and knowledge to kids at school. Please contact me

Tank you

Raoul — 16 March 2012, 20:18

Hi Rudy, Thanks for that prompt. The link to the ouakgrbcnd info is on the site under blogroll and you are absolutely right it should have been in the About section or in a separate Contact area.. The