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Costa Rica-English Volunteers For Change In Costa Rica EVOLC

Project id:16
Date submitted:2012-07-31
Date approved:2013-09-12
Project name:English Volunteers for Change in Costa Rica E V O L C
Short description:Volunteer English Teacher
Country name:Costa Rica
Region name:Central America
Address:EVOLC Barrio Escalante San Jose Costa Rica.
Commitment:About 1 month
Type of work:Teaching
Required skills:Native English speaker
Costs:Less than 500 USD / month
Contact person:Alexandra Johnson
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Full description:Our program is unique in that we provide free English classes where there is an immediate need to learn the language.
Additional info:To apply contact us at

As one of our volunteers, you will contribute to the sustainability of the continuously thriving eco tourism sector in Costa Rica, public schools, and a wide range of sectors while positively affecting communities and the lives of students, teachers, and professionals.