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Ecuador-Bio Mindo

Project Name:BioMindo
Date Posted:29/10/2008
Address:casillero postal #8990, Quito -Ecuador
Commitment:2 weeks minimum
Type Of Work:Making an inventory of the local biodiversity/biological research
Learning about permaculture/sustainable living
Constructing with bamboo
Opening trails in the cloud forest
Organic gardening
Working in the fruit juice bar
Required Skills:physical fitness, basic knowledge of Spanish is helpful but not necessary (we also speak English, German and French)
Costs:US $70 each week or $250 each month (includes accommodation and food)
Contact Person:Barbara Hahm
Email: (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:The project is located in Mindo on the western slopes of the Andes, 2 hours by bus from Quito. BioMindo is a private non-profit initiative which combines a sustainable lifestyle and the support of environmental conservation of the cloud forest of Mindo and its surroundings. Despite a long history of conservation efforts in Mindo there is still a lack of detailed knowledge about the biodiversity of the area and any understanding of the complex interactions between the creatures living in the cloud forest. To address this knowledge gap, BioMindo was born. The project is working to provide the necessary information to allow an understanding of the true magnitude of the biological diversity, and to make conservation work more effective.
Additionally, the project aims to create a model of sustainable life based on principles of permaculture. All the constructions of the project are realised with local and rapidly renewable materials. For instance, bamboo, palm leaves, clay, stone and recycled bottles. BioMindo uses a composting toilet, a solar collector to heat the shower, a biological grey water cleaning system, and grows some vegetables in a green house.

Why do we need volunteers?
We are interested in getting to know the specifics of our forest, to conserve it and to share our knowledge with others. Because there is simply so much happening in Mindo's ecosystem, this is a very big job, and we need all the help we can get!
Being a volunteer in Mindo is a great way to support the environment, it is also an opportunity to spend time in a beautiful village, to get to know nice people, to practice your Spanish and to have a unique experience for your life.
We consider that the right and the responsibility to watch and protect the environment should be taken by every habitant of this planet, because we all breathe the same air, and all feel the global effects caused by environmental imbalance. We would like to involve volunteers from all over the world in our project because we believe that is a good experience for all of us, exchanging ideas and learning from each other's knowledge.
Juan — 16 March 2012, 23:53

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