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Ecuador-Get Paid Volunteer English With Out Borders

Project id:74
Date submitted:2012-12-17
Date approved:2013-11-11
Project name:Get Paid Volunteer English with out Borders
Short description:English with out Borders
Country name:Ecuador
Region name:South America
Address:El ORO Province
Commitment:About 3 months
Type of work:Teaching
Required skills:
Costs:Less than 500 USD / month
Contact person:Lead sales team
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+593 2 2501332
Full description:Take your English skills and use them to get to know Ecuador. With your knowledge of English you can be placed in a rural School in the Coast of Ecuador.
Additional info:One-time Fee Only: 550 USD

- 3 days of training upon arrival in Quito before heading to EL ORO.
- Accommodations and Meals during your stay.
- Additional Stipend of 150USD monthly for other expenses.
- 4 weeks of Medical and emergency travel insurance provided by a local broker.
- 4 Days Accommodations in Quito before heading to EL ORO.
- Air Ticket to El Oro.

Does not include:
- Transfer on arrival from Quito Airport to hostel in Quito.
- Transfer out on departure day for international flight.
- International flights.
- Personal travel insurance.
- Optional 4 weeks (20 lessons a week) of Spanish lessons (one-to-one method).
- Visa Costs.
- All items of a personal nature.
- Any activities beyond your planned itinerary.