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Ecuador-Rancho Mastatal

Project Name:Rancho Mastatal
Date Posted:07/02/2007
Country:Costa Rica
City/Town:Mastatal, Chiris, Puriscal
Commitment:Minimum of 1 week
People Needed:Many, all year long
Required Skills:None. Building and/or gardening/farming experience preferred.
Description:Environmental learning and sustainable living center
Costs:less then 3 weeks: 15$ / day , more than 3 weeks: 10$ / day more than 3 month: other rates possible
Contact Person:Timothy O'Hara
Phone:011 (506) 301-2939 (leave message)
This project requires a small fee.Note: This project has a small fee required.

Daren — 18 March 2012, 14:22

Marco's Pizza grand opening will be on Thursday March 18th from 4pm to 8pm. If you would like to stop by we would be happy to give you a rimplomentacy pizza so you can try it for yourself and see why

Amy — 03 May 2012, 13:57

Rancho Mastatal is a wonderful experience in Costa Rica. Whether you are looking to volunteer or to find a model for how to run your organization, Timo and Rancho Mastatal in Costa Rica are fabulous.