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Ecuador-Reserva Rio Guaycuyacu

Project Name:Reserva Rio Guaycuyacu
Date Posted:06/10/2007
Date Updated:09/07/2008
City/Town:santa rosa
Commitment:1 month min
People Needed:4
Required Skills:some spanish and/or english
Description:farm and conservation work
Costs:$300 per month includes food, accommodation
Contact Person:jim west/merdith foyle
Website: Guaycuyacu
This project requires a small fee.Note: This project has a small fee required.

we are a family farm and nature reserve in an isolated rainforest area of ecuador. we grow subsistence crops, herbs, vegetables and ornamentals, and a world class collection of over 500 different kinds of fruits. besides the cultivated areas there is a reserve area of primary forest, with abundant plant and animal life.

farm chores are varied and include seed collection and processing (aka picking fruit and eating it!), orchard and nursery work, food preparation (making jams, vinegar, chocolate, bread, tempeh etc.), construction (often using native materials like palm and bamboo), crafts, botany and natural history, gardening. we encourage you to participate in both household and community life. your stay could, if you wish, include some time spent living and working with any of several campesino neighbor families on their farms nearby.

you will stay in a cabin with individual rooms, electricity from our small water-powered generator, and good running water. we cook and eat together. we enjoy good food, mostly vegetarian; meals feature farm produce, including chocolate, tempeh, and fruits. more information and a volunteer application is on our website,

renniisyangaa — 08 June 2012, 03:17

jim fallon - Becky and West what a great time evnyoree had sharing one of what hopefully will be many events filled with love family and friends. You both looked very happy and you can see the love i