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Ecuador-Sacha Yacu Wildlife Rescue And Rehabilitation Center

Project Name:Sacha Yacu Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center
Short Description:Volunteer work with animals in the rainforest.
Date Posted:2012-06-11
Address:Colonia Bolivar, km 35 via 10 de agosto-Arajuno, Puyo
Commitment:About 2 weeks
Type Of Work:General Projects / Multiple Activities
Required Skills:You are not required to have any previous experience. Having some knowledge of Spanish will definitely help.
Costs:Food and / or Accommodation
Contact Person:Flavio Alvarez
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+ 593 (0)81740605
Full Description:We work together to rescue and rehabilitate animals that fall victim to poachers, domestic abuse, and the illegal pet trade. We also work hard to preserve the natural flora and fauna of the Amazon.
Additional Info:During your time here you will be primarily involved in day-to-day care of our big variety of animals at the Center. You will be involved with the cleaning and preparation of diets and repairing of the enclosures, which require general construction and maintenance on a regular basis. Just as well, you will engage in building new enclosures as we expand and develop the Center.

Volunteers work in groups. In these groups volunteers are in charge of several animals during their stay, becoming specialists in the care of those animals, focusing in their diet, and observing any strange behavior or signs of illness.

Costs are 250USD for 2 weeks

English speakers please contact Darina at verum86 at gmail dot com