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Ecuador-Sumak Kausay Yachay

Project Name:Sumak Kausay Yachay...Good Life With Education
Date Posted:07/02/2007
Commitment:a few weeks
People Needed:Two
Required Skills:English
Description:At the present tme we are providomg English classes at the Katitawa School in Salasaca as well as two classes per day for children at a private school.
Costs:There is no cost to the volunteer. We provide a place to stay, which includes a place to prepare meals.
Contact Person:Roberto

Jluvs — 30 April 2012, 14:03

Best Sunday lunch: Chelo Kebab, though not only with a nice sized raw onion but also with cooekd tomatoes and an egg yolk (or 2 in my case) for the rice. All watered down with Dough! And obviously wit