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Ghana-10 Projects

Project Name:10 Projects in Ghana, Kumasi, Volunteerghana
Date Posted:14/04/2008
Date Updated:16/06/2008
Type Of Work:teaching in schools
working in orphanages
working with disabled
working in kindergarten
Volunteers will also get a chance to experience the culture and will therefore gain a lifelong experience and knowledge of the Ghanaian culture
Required Skills:none
Costs:For administration and transportation costs we charge 100 Ghana Cedis, about 100 Dollars, for half a year. All extra costs for food, accomodation etc. will be paid directly to the projects. This ensures minimum expenses for the volunteers.
However food and lodging will aproximately take up $40-$70 USD per month.
Contact Person:Douglas Nkrumah and Malte Loehlein
Email: (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+233 24 228 73 44
Additional Info:The project "volunteerghana" was established by Douglas Nkrumah(Ghanaian,rozydiiforever(AT) and Malte Loehlein(German,malteloehlein(AT) in March 2008.
For some time Douglas has been working voluntarily for icye( as in finding new projects and looking after the volunteers . And he now decided to start something on his own with the help of Malte.
The main reason for the project was to help people to go around the huge costs implemented by exchange organisations.

Nkrumah yaw Douglas — 16 June 2010, 08:10

volunteers have been contacting us and we are very thankful of such initiative of to help people who wants to volunteer cheap to be able to do so in Ghana. we are looking forward to welcome more volunteers to help in our projects. in Ghana we say Ayikoo independentvolunteer meaning thank you Nkrumah Douglas Yaw programme coordinator

Nana Yaw — 20 September 2011, 01:37

our projects are linedup on our website . volunteer cheap in Ghana

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