AllยปGhana-Dream Africa Volunteers Orphanage Assistance

Ghana-Dream Africa Volunteers Orphanage Assistance

Project id:294
Date submitted:2013-07-24
Date approved:2013-08-15
Project name:Dream Africa Volunteers Orphanage Assistance
Short description:Orphanage Assistance Volunteer Opportunities
Country name:Ghana
Region name:Africa
Address:P.O.Box HP 181
Ho,Volta Region
House No. 2,Adjacent Adaklu Station,Off Rev. Trost Street,Heve,Ho,Volta Region.
Commitment:About 2 weeks
Type of work:Community Work
Required skills:English Language and must have love for kids.
Costs:Less than 500 USD / month
Contact person:Prince Clayman
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Full description:The Orphanage Project aims to provide an opportunity for needy children and orphans to live and learn under one roof until they are adopted or integrated in the community or placed with family members who can take better care of them.
Additional info:We assist with airport pickup and drop-off,visa documentation support,24/7 in-country support and certificate after completion.