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Ghana-Hohoe Orphanage

test — 29 April 2011, 08:57


Lara Smith — 22 November 2011, 03:01

There is abuse going on at this orphanage. Do not support it, work to close it instead.

Karen — 13 December 2011, 12:36

I want to volunteer with this organization, what should i do. Karen Macchaty - US

The Director. — 14 December 2011, 02:06

There is NO abuse going on at the orphanage. I have never heard of Lara Smith. I happily can have you contact recent volunteers for your assurance. The Director.

Vaibhaw — 17 March 2012, 09:06

Hey, you're the goto epxret. Thanks for hanging out here.

Shirley Webber — 07 May 2012, 18:59

There is a lot of abuse and misuse of donor funds at this site. Formerly known as the hohoe Christian orphans home it is now called the hohoe charity school. They are masters of deception.