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Guatemala-Semilla Nueva

Project Name:Semilla Nueva
Date Posted:20/07/2010
Address:Semilla Nueva, 4057 N Concord St. Portland OR 97227
Commitment:3 Month
Type Of Work:Volunteers will be working and living in communities near Xela. They will be practicing basic sustainable practices (composting, school gardens, green manures, living barriers, etc) with local leaders, and participating in the promotor development model, education, experimentation, and engagement. Volunteers will be working directly with Guatemalan promotores to establish long term community involvement, promote organization, provide know-how in sustainable technologies, and help with community outreach and information sharing.
Required Skills:Intermediate Spanish
Costs:Volunteers are expected to cover their basic costs. Food, lodging, and transportation usually averages about $50-60 a week. Donations to help cover project costs are welcome.
Contact Person:Joseph Bornstein
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:none