AllยปHaiti-All Hands Volunteers Project Leogane

Haiti-All Hands Volunteers Project Leogane

Project Name:All Hands Volunteers, Project Leogane
Date Posted:03/03/2011
Commitment:About 1 week
Type Of Work:Construction / Labour
Required Skills:All we ask of our volunteers is a desire to get involved and help.
Costs:The only cost to you is the plane ticket. Room and board is provided for.
Contact Person:Aaron Mason
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:617 610 9897
Additional Info:none

The Volunteer! — 19 February 2012, 16:45

I volunteered here in 2011-from Aug till Dec.Great volunteers.V.poor management.Lack of skills and experience on base.Including basic security,health and safety,and project development.