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India-Art Refuge

Project Name:Art Refuge
Date Posted:16/07/2006
Date Updated:09/07/2008
Commitment:1 month minimum
People Needed:1 or 2 volunteers
Description:The project has a morning session of 2 hours of arts based activities, and 2 hours in the afternoon of games and fun activities, 5 days a week (apart from the summer months when there are few refugees).
Required Skills:Preferable qualifications are backgrounds in any of the following: art, psychology, education, child care
Costs:Food, transport and accommodation
Contact Person:John and Cynthia Bonell (volunteer co-ordinators)
Phone:+44(0)7855 944 795 (UK) or +1 505 988 1938 (US)

Emilija — 19 February 2012, 00:33
         From a dssousiicn on LinkedIn, this is really about understanding the stages of a team: forming, storming, norming and performing.  If the PM recognizes the stages, the PM will know to minimi