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India-Jenifer School Campus

Project Name:Jenifer School Campus
Date Posted:13/12/2010
Commitment:About 1 week
Type Of Work:Teaching
Required Skills:English
Costs:Accommodation and food - $350 first month, $200 other months.
Contact Person:Raul Franco-Navarro or Dhirendra Sharma
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:Jenifer School is a project managed by Common Weal (, a local NGO with over 10 years experience in diverse projects in the areas of education and healthcare for trodden communities in Bihar.

Jenifer School Education is fun, challenging, and inspirational to our students who are of varying talents, values and abilities while preparing each one with the skills required to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing diverse world. A learning and systems-centered, age appropriate curriculum dedicated to the approach and advocacy of integrated dynamic sustainability.

Jenifer school, Shripur Village, Bihar, is "feeless for all children".

Provides quality education, and preventative healthcare in a ecologically sound environs along with a professionally managed school and staff. Develop school as a model school in the region. Our core area of intervention is to ensure Equal access to education to girls. Our initiatives are to eliminate discrimination, universalize education, eradicate illiteracy, create a gender-sensitive educational system, increase enrolment and retention rates of girls and improve the quality of education to facilitate life-long learning as well as development of occupation/vocation/technical skills

Chantae — 17 March 2012, 06:21
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