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India-Learn For Life

Project Name:Learn for Life
Date Posted:09/11/06
Commitment:Anything (from 1 day)
People Needed:
Description:Approximately 50 children in two classes on a rooftop with 2 local teachers and a varying number of volunteers. The 'Learn for Life' school is part-funded by the Brown Bread Bakery in Varanasi
Required Skills:Teaching experience not necessary. Any experience in the following: English, Maths, Hindi, Art, Health & Science, Geography, History, Music. An understanding of Hindi would be beneficial
Costs:Food, transport and accomodation (Accomodation approximately $40 per month)
Contact Person:Michael, Lydia or Christina
Email:brownbreadbakery(AT) / lydia_genge(AT) or
Phone:+99 (0)9235551096 / +99 (0)542 6450232

Peter Swanton — 15 September 2011, 10:32

Fantastic! I just spent two weeks there and found it thoroughly rewarding. The children and staff couldn't have been more welcoming. I can only praise them for what they do.

Maxi — 18 February 2012, 12:28

I've been using the Rosetta Stone Hindi pagorrm myself, and it's been very helpful. I've tried to teach myself in the past from books, but they all want you to learn the script system by the second o