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Project Name:Marwar Seva Sansthan
Date Posted:09/11/2009
Address:Jain Mandir,Opp Ship House, Fort Road, Paota, Jodhpur
Commitment:4 weeks to year
Type Of Work:Marwar Seva Sanstha works towards building a network of adolescent girls and young mothers through fundamental support and encouragement so they can learn from each other, gain an education, and learn their legal and human rights by providing vocational training and general support to girls and young mothers in communities where they lack the financial and human resources to mobilize and organize.

Teach math, English, arts & crafts, or other topics of interest during class hours (1-3 hours per day)
Develop workshops on specific topics like female leadership, women's rights, running a business (planning, managing a budget, marketing, etc), reproductive health, etc
Organize outings and field trips
Assist with design and color schemes for vocational training
Assist with the writing of the annual report, currently underway
Required Skills:Requirements

Interest in women's rights and empowerment
Prior experience in education, mentoring, counseling, or youth program development a plus
Eye for design and color (for vocational training development)
Good verbal and written communication skills
Costs:12000 INR for four weeks
Contact Person:Devika Kumar
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:none

Cemal — 30 April 2012, 03:35

Hello sir,i honestly watend to give a feedback, take it if u like.firstly i appreciate the team as :chala information undikaani gaji biji gandaragolam laaa undito be frankit could be due to the large