Project Name:Organization of Development, Action and Maintenance
Date Posted:08/03/2007
Date Updated:19/06/2008
City/Town:Virudnagar District, Tamil Nadu, India
Address:197 West Car Street, Tiruchuli
Commitment:1 month minimum
Costs:100 Euro / month for food & accomodation
People Needed:several, throughout the year
Required Skills:Aged above 19, no specific skills required beyond the ability to communicate in English (or Tamil) and an enthusiasm to contribute to rural development. Those with special skills in bio-fuel production and/or seed technology are especially needed for our alternative energy projects.
Description:4 different volunteer options, see below
Contact Person:Volunteer Coordinator
Phone:+91 04566 282421
This project requires a small fee.Note: This project has a small fee required.

The Organization for Development Action and Maintenance (ODAM) is a South Indian NGO working to improve the lives of the rural poor and socially oppressed communities in Tamilnadu through providing them opportunities for socio-economic empowerment. One of our main programs is working with a vast network of Women's Self-Help Groups (SHGs), providing them with loan acquisition assistance, business and vocational trainings, and ongoing organizational support.It is our belief that through the setting up of SHG's we can break to poverty cycle and achieve a positive socio-economic transformation among local women. ODAM has been instrumental in the setting up of 730 SHG's over the past ten years with over 12,000 members in total.

In addition to the SHGs, ODAM programs include: A Bio-Diesel Demonstration and Production Program; Residential Schools for Victims of Child Labor, Rural Sanitation Programs, and ongoing Community Education and Development.

We are seeking volunteers who can bring their skills and outside perspective to help us build and strengthen our programs. Most volunteers choose to spend a portion of their time volunteering their much needed enthusiasm in the classroom, helping school children (or ODAM staff) practice spoken English while dedicated their afternoons to our other projects.

• A Self-Help Group volunteer might spend time meeting with the women's groups, encouraging them, assisting them in developing their business plans, and brainstorming new ways to increase their economic independence.

• Seed Specialists and Chemists are needed to work full time on our Bio-Diesel project, providing technical assistance and advice to our staff as the program continues to grow.

• Experience fundraisers, grant writers, resource developers, or organizational consultants are needed at Organizational Development Volunteers to help advance our programs and grow our NGO.

• Spoken English teachers who wish to dedicate their service full-time to teaching are, of course, always needed and welcome. Experience not necessary, only an open-mind and plenty of enthusiasm.