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India-Rising Stars Volunteering In India

Project Name:Rising Stars Volunteering in India
Short Description:Non Profit in India focusing on Education, Social Service and Poverty
Date Posted:18/01/2012
Commitment:About 1 month
Type Of Work:Teaching
Required Skills:Basic English Knowledge
Costs:Food and / or Accommodation
Contact Person:Ajay Kadian
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Full Description:We are working for the cause of human development focusing on the less privileged sections of the society in the rural and urban areas of the country. Spheres of our work are governed by issues related to Health, Education, Livelihood and Environment
Additional Info:As a philanthropic society, we intend to work with people that have intellectual traits and abilities to contribute to society. When numerous hearts and minds come together, every task and mission becomes easy, comprehensive and accomplishable. If you are an enthusiast with passion to serve society brimming in your intents and if you have not done it yet, then here is opportunity waiting for you. Join us today.