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India-Sambhali Society

Project Name:Sambhali Trust
Date Posted:26/10/06
City/Town:Jodhpur 342001,Rajasthan
Address:1st old public park,near k.n.hall girls collage,raikabagh
Commitment:Minumum 2 month
People Needed:1+
Description:A Multi cultural project to help empower women/girls from all the communities in India , now focusing on areas in and around the city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan,India.
Required Skills:English or Hindi
Costs:No costs.
Contact Person:Govind Singh Rathore
Phone:+91-0-98 28 08 92 93 or +91-0-291-25 12 385

If you wish to work for the project as a volunteer, please contact us. Special price for staying at the project family run Guesthouse is 6000 Rs for a month including three meals a day and broad band internet access. Setrawa village project participant pay 3000rps a month for accomodation only, self help with buying and cooking food in the kitchen with accessories supplied.

Sambhali Trust, a grass root effort, empowers women through providing education and economic opportunities.we have joined hands with Sambhali International based in USA, Assists by finding Markets in which to sell the textiles produces by the projectís women, obtaining donations, creating English language, financial, and health related educational material, and coordinating project volunteers from abroad. Additionally, Sambhali International seeks to increase global awareness of rajasthani culture and to encourage scholarly research in Rajasthan and the Thar Desert.

Teaching women new skills (six months training) - Provide paid work - Provide safe and clean workshops - Provide basic human right education, health and hygine education and development in urban and rural areas - Individual bank account - Personality development - Build confidence and self esteem - Socializing skills - English lessons (basic) - Health and hygiene lessons for their families and communities - Anti domestic violence information - AIDS/HIV awareness programme - Keeping Indian traditional skills alive by spreading it by teaching others.

Sambhali Trust is a charitable non profit organization, registered under the number 2007000380

Sambhali TRUST,Jodhpur.

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