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India-Volunteer Teachers

Project Name:Volunteer teachers
Date Posted:20/03/2011
Commitment:About 2 weeks
Type Of Work:Teaching
Required Skills:none
Costs:Minimum of 2 weeks volunteer service programme is US $25.Addition of each week cost is US $15
Contact Person:Simon Sarkar
Email: (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:SERVANTS OF THE KING DEVELOPMENT AID AND WELFARE SOCIETY is a registered charity based in the city of Kolkata in Eastern India. It is founded to help advance peace, racial reconciliation, and mutual international understanding between peoples of diverse cultures through volunteer service on long-term community development programs.We are also involved in charitable works which caters the need of the needy in the society. We are planning to maintain partnerships with local organization and host organizations worldwide, and mobilize teams of volunteers to live with and work alongside local people on volunteer and humanitarian projects. We are also trying to raise funds to support our project materials, and for on-going educational, medical, social and humanitarian programs. We look forward to forging partnerships and sponsors to work with us

Aline — 30 April 2012, 09:13

Nelta & I spent 3 years as staff with Southern Cross Project (2006-2009) and we have never regreted flnwooilg God's calling to the mission field. You become a warrior for Christ and each bible is just