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Project Name:Gods grace children´s Centre
Date Posted:28/08/2006
Date Updated:28/07/2008
City/Town:Matimbei, Lari , Kiambu
Commitment:2 weeks minimum
People Needed:3
Costs:No cost needed, no chargers for volunteers
Required Skills:English language, female volunteers or married couples only
Description:general routine duties
Contact Person:Annah
Phone:+254 725 108502

INTRODUCTION Gods grace children´s Centre was started in 2000, and it fully registered by the Government of Kenya.


Gods grace children´s Centre was started by Mrs. Ann Moko a retired school teacher and a farmer.

MISSION She saw the suffering of many children in Kiambu and its neighborhoods areas. She was touched and decided to help the children in all ways she could. Initially it was to be helping the needy children, orphans of HIV/AIDS and vulnerable children in the society with food, clothing and medical care. She would provide these children’s with foods, drinks, clothing and in the evening they would go to their respectively homes.

Later she was to learn that most of these children were neglected or orphaned and didn’t have places they would call home most of them slept in the streets and that put them in great risks of insecurity, diseases and harassment from people. The children would come in the morning at her place to have something to eat and drink. That’s when she thought of accommodating these children’s, the number turned up to be big and she could not accommodate all of them since there was no enough space and resources to cater for a big number.

Since Ann used to cook in her house she was not in a position to take all these children and stay with them in her homestead which was small to accommodate all these children who were increasing day by day. She could not accommodate all the children but she was touched by the plight of two girls aged 8 and 9 years the girls were malnourished, sick, orphaned and needed urgent medical care. She opted to live with the two girls and fully take care for them. Day by day she was faced with more problems and challenges as most of these children faced almost the same problems.

PROBLEMS The AIDS/HIV pandemic has affected every Kenyan in one way or another and it was declared a National Disaster in the year 2000 by the then Kenyan president Honorable Daniel Arap Moi. Many families have lost their loved ones, many children have been left orphaned at tender age, many parents have been left with their grand children to take care of them and its hard since most of these parents are old to be in a position do any kind of job to raise these kids. Most of these children don’t have proper shelter, clothings, access to education and thus they are forced to start living on the streets of major towns in Kenya. Ann’s area is just a one acre piece of land and she has her own family and relatives that she takes care of. The one acre land can not be enough to accommodate all these children, neither can she be able to grow enough food for her family and these needy children.

In these regard Ann needs to get more land so that she can put up enough shelter and may be do some form of farming (livestock) to meet with the basic necessities for these needy children. Ann also need any assistance she can get so as to provide proper and decent clothing for the children and also be able to educate them and cater for their medical needs.