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Project Name:Volunteer Kenya
Date Posted:19/06/2008
Type Of Work:AIDS Education, Healthcare, Microenterprise and Primary School.
Required Skills:none
Costs:Volunteer Fee Distribution (one month) 985 USD

Room & Board 200 USD (50 per week)
Salary Fee for Kenyan Workers 335 USD
Program Fee 450 USD

Total Fees (one month) 985 USD
Contact Person:Hank Selke
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:Are any of the Volunteer Fees used to pay for international overhead expenses or U.S. employees?

No! None of this money is used in the U.S. to pay for marketing, overhead, or fundraising expenses. All International Coordination Staff members in the U.S. work on a part-time, unpaid basis via an email network. They personally pay for the small overhead costs we have in the US . 100% of the Volunteer Fees and donations we receive go directly to Kenya to support our programs there. This has been a core belief of our organization since we started 10 years ago, and we do not plan to change this.