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Kenya-Watoto Wa Baraka

Project Name:Watoto Wa Baraka
Date Posted:19/11/2007
Date Updated:15/06/2008
Commitment:one week minimum
People Needed:up to 10
Required Skills:No specific skills required, other than English language for communicating.
Costs:Food & Accommodation are provided at a cost of US$90 per week
Description:Teaching English at local primary, high schools, village children, helping in building & construction of schools, orphanages, children housing, community projects, training on sports to community children, music, dances etc, fieldwork, visiting children at school, homes and taking data, research work, laundry work, fetching water from the well, collecting firewood, fetching crops from garden, foodstuff preparation, cooking, serving children, cleaning dishes, running errands, counseling locals on hygiene issues, community service at a local dispensary and many more.
Contact Person:Geoffrey Ndungu Watoto
Email:info(AT), watotowabaraka(AT)
Website:African Orphanage

Watoto Wa Baraka is a registered non-profit organization based in Kenya, committed to provide education and other services essential for the growth of needy children, particularly orphans, street children and at-risk youth.

Watoto Wa Baraka currently operates in the following areas:

Children education program Orphanage program HIV/AIDS Sustainable Agriculture, crop & animal husbandry Community service program Youth Sports & Activities program Women groups and others

These programs are primarily based 70km north of Nairobi in a rural town called Makuyu. Volunteers are typically placed at the orphanage or with the host families who live in the area. At both the orphanage and with host families, you will truly experience Kenyan life, culture and language. You will find that people here are very friendly and hospitable and I am sure you will enjoy serving with Watoto Wa Baraka and the Kenyan community.

The cost of our volunteer program is a contribution of $US90 per week to cover the cost of housing and all meals.

We arrange pick-ups and transportation from the main airport to the orphanage. Upon arrival, we offer free orientation for the new volunteers to become acquainted with the local culture, language and the project work. All our placements are safe and reliable and during your placement a representative will be regularly available to support and assist you.

If you would like to contact any of our past volunteers, they are available to answer any questions on-line on, under the Watoto Wa Baraka community. If you require any additional information about volunteering or about us, please feel free to contact me or visit our website. I look forward to hearing from you!

Naresh — 01 May 2012, 00:43

Scott, the orphanage looks great and I know your firends are thrilled. I hope that things continue to go well for them. Love the shots it looks like a very inviting place for kids. How lucky they are