All¬ĽKenya-Watoto Wa Baraka Social Work

Kenya-Watoto Wa Baraka Social Work

Project Name:Watoto Wa Baraka
Date Posted:15/06/2008
Address:Maragwa District, Makuyu Division, Pundamilia Village
Commitment:1 week
Type Of Work:Social/Field Work
This is an active position involving visiting orphans across various areas living with guardians. Volunteers will accompany local field workers on visits to homes and local schools and meeting with key people in the community to gather information including the number of people living in the childís family, type of housing and the availability of water, food and clothes. Part of this role is to assist in the development of plans for local families to address issues such as basic hygiene, proper ways of cleaning and cooking food, boiling water for drinking, preventive management of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and typhoid. Volunteers may also assist with administration and management of information.
Required Skills:social work training/experience would be an advantage but not essential, good people skills, experience or desire to care for the needy, hygiene cautious, understanding and patience. Volunteers should note that this role is walking-intensive as this is the main means of traveling within communities.
US$90 per week payable prior or upon start of the program.

Food & accommodation are provided as part of the program.
Contact Person:Geoffrey Watoto
Email: (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:WWB staff arranges Airport transfers and transportation from the main airport to the project sites. Upon arrival, we offer free orientation for the new volunteers to become acquainted with the local culture, language and projectís work.
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