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Kenya-Work Camp

Project Name:Work camp
Date Posted:30/12/2008
Address:821 BuruBuru 00515 Nairobi Kenya
Commitment:minimum of 2weeks

Physical work such as Construction of buildings i.e. schools, clinics, water tank, social halls bridge e.t.c
Rehabilitation (renovation) of rundown facilities like plastering, painting, fixing e.t.c
&Agricultural enhancement program like weeding, planting, harvesting ploughing

Community service such as:
Volunteering in orphanage (children homes), homes for the aged assisting in the day-to-day running.
Volunteering in hospitals/clinics
Teaching in institutions (schools).
Required Skills:Aged 18 and above
Full of energy and enthusiasm
open minded and willing to enjoy simple living condition
flexibility is paramount
Good people skills
working knowledge of English

Costs:work camp fee is 200 euros
which is inclusive transport, food and accomodation for 2/3 weeks
Contact Person:Jessy Njau
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+254722 703900 732 703 900
Additional Info:For any organized group willing to take part in our work camp program a special discount will be awarded.
During the work camp period, on weekend volunteers get to visit excursion sites visit parks and any sites of interest depending with the location of the work camp project.
we also offer:
 Home stay we organize this upon volunteers request this can be either in rural or urban setting depending on once wish, participants live and experience the unique rhythm of the African way of life, duration depends on the participant.
 We offer Special training on making African jewelry, batiks, curving, pottery making, cultural safaris trips , African traditional dance classes African history lessons as well as Swahili classes this also is a tailor made program and thus we require a months notice to have the program arranged for interested individuals, this program takes place in a work camp setting or home stay time a fee is charges depending on the training of choice.(Inquire from the office for further information).

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