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Laos-Equal Education For All

Project Name:Equal Education For All
Date Posted:12/11/2008
Address:Vang Vieng Organic Farm
P.O. Box 253 Vang Vieng
Vientiane Province - Lao P.D.R.
Commitment:2 weeks but we prefer long term volunteers they are our first choice.
Type Of Work:Teaching English to local children and teenagers in the local villages. Working in our non-profit Mojito Bar.
Required Skills:Even if we prefer trained teachers we are already happy if you speak English.
Costs:60 USD up to two weeks 100 USD if you stay longer than two weeks. We can house you in the guesthouse for 15 USD a day and this includes accomodation and 2 meals.
Contact Person:Ward Reekmans coordinator, Thanongsi Solangkoun Advisor, Hayone Solangkoun Director
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:EEFA is a program started by the Organic Farm in Laos. The Organic Farm started to organize English classes in 2003. The result is amazing but we want to make it more equal for all the teenagers. Meaning that we created Equal Education For All so we can organize our projects on a better way and give everybody the same English education.

This is one of the few projects that an IV team member actually visited: Tim & Nina spent 2 weeks there in 2006 and enjoyed it. It's save and lovely, also Vang Vieng is a freaky-drug-tourist place, but as the farm is just outside, that shouldn't bother you too much. Bring enough time to organize yourself and don't expect too much guidance. A lot of really lovely nature is just around the place, caves, rivers, rainforest... you can hire a bicycle and freak out. Heartly recommended.

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Totally agree about certain plcaes grabbing your imagination. I love France and Italy too, and would happily live there for a few months or more esp. if I spoke more than a few words of either lang