All¬ĽMorocco-International Workcamps English

Morocco-International Workcamps English

Project Name:Teaching English as a foreign language in Marrakech
Date Posted:06/09/2008
Address:JCM BP 680 safi principal 46000, Morocco
Type Of Work:Teach English to Moroccans underprivileged children, adolescents and adults in a local community center. You will be responsible for planning your own classes according to your studentsí needs and teaching those lessons with creativity, patience and compassion. You may also help the students with their homework and assist with administrative work.
Required Skills:No skils are required just your motivation to work with children and learn about new country and culture
Contact Person:Mounir
Email: (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+212 70962757
Additional Info:see below:

The program fee is monthly and covers:

  • Support to the volunteer (task related and personal support, mentor contact person)
  • Visit to community service projects.
  • Accommodation
  • Placement in community service project.
  • Ongoing support by local volunteer coordinator.
  • Volunteer work (from 8 to 12 weeks).
  • Language training 3 times per week to include class materials orientation, and extra-curricular and class-related activities
  • Administration/Communication
  • 24 Hour emergency help service
  • Airport Pick up in Marrakech

XY — 09 April 2011, 09:58

This project seems not existing anymore. For my E-Mail request I haven't received any reply and even the phone number is not available.

Shalini — 30 April 2012, 00:52

Congratulations how fabulous for you and how wodfurnel for all of us, it's like we'll be on the trip with you!I have met some of the women going on the trip and I am taking an online course through Ho