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Morocco-International Workcamps Kinder

Project Name:Helping develop Kindergartens and nursery schools in Marrakech
Date Posted:06/09/2008
Address:JCM BP 680 safi principal 46000, Morocco
Type Of Work:Our day-care staff looks after the children. The volunteer would be an additional person who could add his/her ideas for our nursery. There are around 60 children from one month to 12 years old adopted by the orphan nursery. These kids are rejected from their single mothers or found on the street after their birth.

Playing with kids, teaching them things like the alphabet, poems, songs etc. Volunteers would also help feeding the children, which often implies literally putting food in their mouths.

The volunteers’ daily tasks include:
• overseeing the baby "crèche
• Self-care: lunch, cleanness, clothes off and on, bathroom, toilet
• preparing and feeding formula bottles to the babies
• changing nappies and washing bedding
• playing with the youngsters
• observing and monitoring interaction between children
• administering medicine to sick or injured children
• maintaining records of children, treatment and progress
• cleaning and maintaining the facility
• checking and cleaning enclosures and water troughs
• Assist arts and crafts session, work with children with special needs.
• sports activities for children
• Accompany outing to place of interest.
• Breakfast where appropriate, settle children into free activities.
• Morning activities, both indoors and outdoors.
• Eaten together, socially, talking, sharing etc. Clearing up.
Required Skills:No skils are required just your motivation to work with children and learn about new country and culture
Contact Person:Mounir
Email: (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+212 70962757
Additional Info:see below:

The program fee is monthly and covers:

  • Support to the volunteer (task related and personal support, mentor contact person)
  • Visit to community service projects.
  • Accommodation
  • Placement in community service project.
  • Ongoing support by local volunteer coordinator.
  • Volunteer work (from 8 to 12 weeks).
  • Language training 3 times per week to include class materials orientation, and extra-curricular and class-related activities
  • Administration/Communication
  • 24 Hour emergency help service
  • Airport Pick up in Marrakech