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Project Name:Eternal Farming
Date Posted:02/04/2010
Address:P. O. Box 25076
Commitment:1 Week
Type Of Work:Organic Farming. Milk buffaloes, pick pineapples, help design a new project, or just load the biogas chamber with dung. We welcome guests to participate at all levels. In return, you’ll learn about integrating animal husbandry with crops, growing food in forest farms, organic pest control, and the crops appropriate to various seasons in this semi-tropical region.

Food Processing. Growing food is only part of the job. Next comes all the work that gets that food to the table. In Nepal, that work is often done by women, but in our home, men are encouraged to join in too. Churn butter, grind turmeric and specialty flours, prepare spicy chutneys, and learn how to make homestyle Nepali dal bhat.

Teaching English. The Parajuli family helped develop a community-run school. English is an essential part of the curriculum and native English speakers are needed to teach and help the children with conversation. In return, you can enjoy the smiles and laughter of the children.

Community projects. For those with the initiative, there are opportunities to get involved with various community groups. For instance, a local women’s group wishes to set up a library. Udaya and family wish to build a network to encourage other farmers in the area to move to organic farming. if interested, ask Udaya and Sadhana about the possibilities at any particular time.

Microcredit. For anyone with interest in developing local systems for micro-credit, there would probably be interest in the wider community for connecting local entrepeneurs up with lenders such as Kiva.
Required Skills:Willingness to learn, teach, share, discover and experience
Costs:1 Week - 100 US Dollars
2 Weeks - 200 US Dollars
3 Weeks - 250 US Dollars
4 Weeks - 300 US Dollars
2 Months - 500 US Dollars
3 Months - 700 US Dollars
Contact Person:Pramila Ghimire
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+ 977 9841787136
Additional Info:Your hosts at Ajamvari Farm will be Mr. Udaya Raj and Mrs. Sadhana Parajuli and their nearly grown children, Sebika and Subash.

Our farm is about five acres and has many trees to provide fruit and fodder. Underneath grow pineapples, yams, ginger, sugar cane, and many medicinal herbs. We also have plots for seasonal vegetables, such as mustard greens and cauliflower in the winter and tomatoes and okra in the summer. Rice comes from the old family homestead about a kilometer away.

We have a comfortable brick house, a wooden shed for buffaloes (which provide milk), goats and chickens. There are also two pigeon roosts which provide a pleasant coooing sound through the day.

Clean water comes from a well and hand pump. When electricity allows water can pumped through a hose into the house.

There is also a bio-gas installation fueled by buffalo dung and other waste that provides enough gas for cooking throughout most of the year.

Alfredo — 17 March 2012, 06:02

subin ji,nepal farkanu haaybko ma khushi lageko cha. tapaiko yatra doha pugera kehi pharakilo haaybko huda taha bhetiyaka sabai nepali ko subhakamana, sath ra maya lai sametera news, lekha ani awas la