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Nepal-Learning Center Of Kathmandu

Project Name:The Learning Center of Kathmandu
Date Posted:10/07/2008
Address:GPO Box 50
Kathmandu, Nepal
Commitment:Minimum 1 year
Type Of Work:Teach Math or English in a rural high school or junior college program in Nepal. Placement is in a beautiful, friendly village in the high middle hills of Nepal, on the flanks of the Himalaya. Approximately 5 hours from the capital, Kathmandu.
Required Skills:Native-speaker ability in English. Bachelor's degree minimum. Teaching experience preferred. Ability to adjust to simple lifestyle essential.
Costs:No fees are charged. Simple housing & food included. Volunteer should provide personal expenses. (Anticipated USD 50 per month.)
Contact Person:Dr Gregory Sharkey
Email: (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:This hill-teaching project is a new venture that will be administered by The Learning Center of Kathmandu. Details may not yet be available on the TLC website.

Marvin — 30 April 2012, 01:57

Dont worry LL It will increase for sure.U & i beettr hope for d stability of current PM BRB (BabuRam Bhattrai). 3 months is alot - Most seasonable time - Four Flights a day is not a joke GHaati heri