Project Name:VEEP Nepal
Date Posted:13/06/2009
Address:New bneshwor-10 Kathmandu
Commitment:1 week
Type Of Work:Volunteering in different projects : Teaching English, Orphanage and Community projects
Required Skills:Basic level of english
Costs:starting from250 Euro
Contact Person:Surendra Joshi
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:VEEP Nepal is Nepal based charity run by youth Volunteers. Whose aim is to provide opportunity to the international volunteer in affordable programme cost.

Milagres — 15 December 2010, 17:05

VEEP Nepal Surendra in the person of whom I consider friend and his wife Suman and welcoming me home and all people with whom I interact in my room Manuj in Nepal, Hari, Fule, Ram ...... all Thank you!. as I said from Nepal thank you very much for giving me that push that led me to such wonderful country, thanks to all who participated in my experience, especially Surendra who managed to instill in me the calmness and patience that enabled every day I integrate a little more. I went with the intention to help and everything I could and as far as I have been able to the difficulty of Nepali language and no English but I did, and returned with the feeling that I have done more to me than I have been able to help with the idea that one day I will return to finish or better to continue this path that I have discovered, is a long way to go, continue with the volunteering I have recently discovered its true meaning and I have discovered grades people, high ideals, big dreams, great fear, great unknowns, unique experiences that have helped me grow as a person. Incredible experience with children, magnifying them hard but I've received so much as or even more, there is no way to quantify, the emotions and experiences are priceless. Fool if I told you that everything has been wonderful, has also been difficult times, but are part of the enrichment as a person. Not when but if they return, to continue learning from a place that material poverty is latent in every corner, but rich in spirit of generous people who give you the best of what they have. I have not really been able to change their lives, but they changed mine somehow. Thank you all and until next time. Namasten.

Mahesh — 30 April 2012, 06:59

Wow! I can't thank you enough for alnetirg me to the fact that I am sharing a time-zone with The Hass. Just to know His Bouffantness is here soothes my spirit.Great blog, by the way.PS: She is. Very.