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Nicaragua-Casas De La Esperanza

Project Name:Casas de la Esperanza
Date Posted:02/06/2009
Address:La Prusia, city outskirts of Granada
Type Of Work:construction work (houses, community spaces and buildings)
school and teacher assistance, after school reinforcement and extra-curricular activities
adult education
medical services
general community and sustainable development
Required Skills:Spanish language skills helpful but not essential
Costs:1 meal provided on working days
limited capacity volunteer housing available, longer-term volunteers given preference. $30USD fee covers housing maintenance.
Contact Person:Please see website
Additional Info:

La Esperanza Housing & Development / Casas de la Esperanza is a non profit, non denominational, non-political corporation approved as a Non-profit Corporation at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA, with tax exempt
status under sect. 501 (c) (3). The Asociación Casas de la Esperanza is also registered in Spain and in Nicaragua.

* EH&D helps families, who live on the outskirts of Granada, Nicaragua, and who are currently squatting, to build their own houses, providing to them micro-credits without interest.
* EH&D is also helping these families with volunteer's assistance for getting a sustainable development through direct support, courses and technical education, small business and cooperatives, thereby increasing their expectation of a better future. Our goal is to create a model of integral and sustainable development for these districts

This project was started in Cambridge, MA (USA) by several people from USA, Spain and Nicaragua.

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