All¬ĽPeru-Aldea Yanapay

Peru-Aldea Yanapay

Project Name:Aldea Yanapay
Date Posted:03/01/2008
Date Updated:16/06/2008
Address:Avenida Alta 466
Type Of Work:We work with children in need from Cusco giving them support in educational, values, and emotional areas. In our schools volunteers can help in arts class, homework, English classes, culture workshops ,ecology, gender, and other areas.
Required Skills:English at least. Depending of the level of English or Spanish volunteers will be placed in an area.
Costs:We have two systems of accommodation

1.- Yanapay House

this is a familiar environment, in a typical Peruvian house, you will live with Yuriís family. This system include meals. Three meals a day with accommodation is 370 American dollars the month, 100 the week and 15 the day.

If you only want breakfast the month is 300 the month, 80 the week and 12 the day, all in American dollars. the house is very comfortable and have internet connection.

2.- Yanapay Hostel

this is a beautiful hostel for volunteers and back packers. here we have singles, doubles, and triples rooms.

The single room is $300 the month and $80 the week.

double room is $240 the month and $65 the week

triple room is $45 the week and $150 the month, all in American dollars.

the hostel has shared baths and showers, TV and DVD room, library, dining room and internet connection. It has an open and totally equipped kitchen with all you need to cook.

The money that volunteers pay is in American dollars and allow us to finance our project because we donít have support from any institution
Contact Person:Yuri Valencia Barrio de Mendoza
Email:(Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
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