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Peru-Education Assistance In Huancayo

Date Posted:12/12/2008
Address:Jr. Las Planicies 351 Pio Pata-El Tambo, Huancayo - Per�
Commitment:Minimum time two weeks.
Type Of Work:Schools in the rural settings do not receive the same amount of attention and help as the ones in the cities. They are faced with a multitude of problems - logistical, economical and technical, and chronically suffer for personnel shortage. The education is kept at the very basic level and there is almost no possibility of any after-school activities which would allow children to develop their personal interests. Thus, the children attending these schools do not have the same opportunities as their peers in the cities. That is why we decided to work in these zones and to provide assistance where it is truly needed.

In after school programs and on an independent level this project helps children in reading, writing and with their homework.

The majority of the children have never had a proper childhood, and they need to learn to be children again, so that they can learn how to live in society. This could be done with activities in which they are encouraged to express and share their emotions.

Therefore we teach courses of English, arts, sports, outdoor activities etc. which will help the children to be more confident and sociable.

Required Skills:basic level of Spanish in order to give children as much help as possible.
Costs:from 150 dollars to 390 dollars
Contact Person:Plinio Sovero
Phone:(+51) 964865987
Additional Info:A volunteer of Esperanza Peru is a friend, who has a challenge to do her/his work due to our reality and the work that they do. Every day is new and different with many things to learn about the environment that surround them.