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Project Name:Inti Wawa e.V./ Asociacion Inti Wawa
Date Posted:12/11/07
City/Town:Emsdetten/Germany Arequipa/Peru
Commitment:From 1 day to several years
People Needed:unlimited
Description:depending on skills and interest
Required Skills:none required
Costs:you dont pay us - We dont pay you
Contact Person:Henning Lueke
Phone:0044 79 4882 4747

INTIWAWA is a young Non-governmental Organization that is located in Arequipa/Peru as well as Emsdetten/Germany. The Name INTIWAWA is Quechua and means “Children of the Sun”
The Primary goal of our Organization is to help young men and woman and –together with them- improve their everyday situation. At this point we mainly work in San Isidro, a small village of about 90 Families, located approximately 45 minutes from the City- Centre.
The Inhabitants of this village suffer from malnutrition, lack of education, alcoholism and domestic violence. Missing sanitary arrangements and unclean Water lead to Diseases caused by the lack of Hygiene. Furthermore there is a constant shortage of financial capacity to afford basic human requirements such as medicine or a proper water supply system.
The aim of INTIWAWA is to fight existing problems as well as research and fight the cause of these problems in order to prevent their development in the first place.
To achieve these goals, we need as much support as we can get from motivated and energetic voluntary workers.

Principal Idea
As already mentioned above, the primary goal of INTIWAWA is to help. Doing that, it is very important to us to design and perform this help as efficient as possible.
That leads to three points that distinguish us from most other NGOs
1. Our projects are meant to help the ones in need in Peru, not to merely keep westerners busy. We will therefore try to allocate your interests and abilities in way that you are an efficient help for us and that your projects match with your expectations. As a result we care about a thorough communication with you before you start working in Arequipa.
2. The feature that distinguishes us most from other organizations is our flexibility. Being very grateful for every help we can get, we want to give you as little limits and conditions as possible. That means, we do not have Deadlines for applications or a minimum working time. Even if you have already started the project, you are still able to change or even cancel your projects.
3. Our idea of voluntary work is neither to be paid nor to pay you for your work. Just like anyone of our team does not receive any financial reward for his work. Everybody works 100% voluntarily

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