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Peru-Orphanages And Infants Homes

Date Posted:12/12/2008
Address:Jr. Las Planicies 351 Pio Pata-El Tambo, Huancayo - Per�
Commitment:Minimum two week / At least 4 hours daily
Type Of Work:These centers are located in the city of Huancayo. The children in the orphanage range from 0 to 17 years old and are placed in orphanage care for a number of reasons, including abandonment, protection against physical or sexual abuse, malnutrition, family poverty, and displacement from terrorism. With their turbulent pasts, these children are at risk to be uneducated, use drugs, enter into prostitution, become criminals and engage in acts of violence. Our work with these children helps increase their confidence and self-esteem, and gives them a better chance to escape poverty once they embark into their own lives outside the orphanage.
Positions available at:
the volunteers help at these orphanages:
- Inabif: boys between 6 and 17 years
- Francisca Mayer: girls between 4 and 16 years
- Coto Coto : children between 0 months to 17 years.
Required Skills:AnylSpanish level is required for applying
Costs:from 150 dollars to 390 dollars
Contact Person:Plinio Sovero
Phone:(+51) 964865987
Additional Info:A volunteer of Esperanza Peru is a friend, who has a challenge to do her/his work due to our reality and the work that they do. Every day is new and different with many things to learn about the environment that surround them. \\