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Peru-Otracosa Volunteer Agency

Project Name:Otracosa Volunteer Agency
Date Posted:03/09/2007
Date Updated:31/10/2008
City/Town:Huanchaco, Trujillo
Commitment:1 month
People Needed:15
Description:Teaching English, assisting children with sport games, crafts, teaching photography, working on a farm, catering and working in a restaurant, working on an environmental project (please see below for further information)
Required Skills:English and Spanish
Costs:Euro 50 for the placements, some projects give free food. You also get discounts in many local enterprises with a "Volunteer Discount Card"
Contact Person:Juany & Peter Murphy
Phone:00 51 44 461302 (communal telephone)

Otra Cosa Volunteer Agency is a not for profit organisation offering a wide variety of affordable, satisfying volunteering opportunities to well motivated volunteers around the world.

Otra Cosa has connected up with about 20 various local charities and organisations, looking for willing and capable volunteers interested in enriching their travels in Peru with working as a volunteer for a minimum of one month.

There are many projects to choose from, including:

  • TEACHING ENGLISH (to children; environmental guides in various locations; adults);
  • WORKING WITH CHILDREN (providing photography training; at a day centre near a landfill site; at a home for ex-street children);
  • ALTERNATIVE PROJECTS (local vegeterain restuarant; Nazca lines education project; local surf school; organic farm).

COST: 50 Euro placement fee which includes help arranging accommodation, volunteer placement and induction.

To promote awareness and insight raising about the outcomes of ones actions on people and nature in other places, now and in the future. This awareness raising can be used as a strategy to promote integrated thinking and spontaneous civil action!

Theoretical Framework:

Concept of People - Planet - Profit; an integrated approach to sustainable development
Concept of Business for Development; cooperation between businesses, social organizations and individuals
System thinking; Mutual influence between people and nature, positive and negative, now and in the future
Spontaneous Action!: No blueprints or bureaucracy for how to create a better world but spontaneous action from well willing human beings.

Marcin — 30 April 2012, 09:11

Hi Kimberly-Thanks for your nice response. If you visit this link and sclrol down to Off-Site Volunteer Opportunities, there are suggestions about items you, or a group to which you belong, can col