AllยปPeru-South American Explorers Club

Peru-South American Explorers Club

Project id:83
Date submitted:2012-12-28
Date approved:2013-10-24
Project name:South American Explorers Club
Short description:NGO for travelers exploring South America
Country name:Peru
Region name:South America
Address:Cusco, calle Atoqsaycuchi, Barrio San Pedro
Commitment:About 2 weeks
Type of work:General Projects / Multiple Activities
Required skills:well traveled, independent, sociable
Costs:None (host provides food and / or accommodation)
Contact person:Lina
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Full description:South American Explorers Club was founded in 1977 as an NGO provide non-biased information and honest advice for those exploring wonders of South America.
Additional info: