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Reconstruction Help For Hurrican Victims

Project Name:Post Hurricane Reconstuction
Date Posted:07/06/2006
City/Town:New Orleans
Commitment:Min. 1 week
People Needed:Several
Description:Labour in partly destroyed houses
Contact Person:Register through homepage


The Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA) is the neighborhood association for Tulane/Gravier and organizing weekly volunteer teams to

- help gut and rebuild homes,

- produce and interact in outreach events to educate residents as well as help them connect to resources/recovery services,

- help our long-term managers with important research and development projects such as "Welfare to Work" and juvenile mentoring programs.

You can sign-on for one week or more and need to arrive by Sunday afternoon for orientation with PNOLA staff and other team members. Work starts Monday morning. Each team is responsible for a physical project, an outreach and advocacy event and to help our long-term staff with their research and development tasks.

Visit for more information. Please email your schedule/availablity for volunteering in New Orleans. Thank you for your interest in helping!


1. Where can I stay? We have comfortable A/C volunteer housing in the recovery area for $50 per week per volunteer and highly recommend this option for our team members. Unless you have transportation to and from the recovery area, we ask that you take advantage of this housing option. We give plenty of time to explore New Orleans, and at $50 / week it's cheaper than the cheapest hostel.

2. Do I need special skills?

Construction skills are always a bonus but not required - gutting requires determined volunteers.

3. What are the working conditions?

All of our housing is close within our neighborhood and we will subsidize lunches during work days. We have the equipment and training to take care of most health/accident situations.

If youd like to sign up as a volunteer or if you have questions, please feel free to send an email to director(AT), attn. of Yasmin Aksu who is in charge of our volunteer corps.

We Need Your Help - One Week or More - Come Help Rebuild New Orleans!

a short experience report:

Hey y'all, now a short description in English of my first experience gutting a house... or, more precisely, of gutting a wooden New Orleanian house that took quite an amount of Katrina-flooding! First thing we saw walking in - the furniture had already been removed - was that disgusting black mold all over the upper third of the walls. Thank God we had tyvek suits and respirators. Well, we started to knock down the sheetrock with crowbars, hammers, and even with our bare fists (!) and I was shocked by how easily a cheerful team of 6 could destroy everything that had made this place look like a house before. In the end, only the bare wooden framework was left. We even knocked out the tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom. After a few hours, the floor was all covered with broken dry walls and fiberglass that had been between the dry walls and the outer wall. The whole thing might sound terrifying but this was one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences I have had here so far... we actually helped the owners take a crucial step towards a beautiful renewed home!

Yusuf — 17 March 2012, 00:02

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