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South Africa-Teaching Computer Skills

Project Name:Teaching
Date Posted:13/08/2009
Country:South Africa
Address:Loopstreet 64
Type Of Work:Operate a computer room at primary school.Learn pupils some computer skills.
Required Skills:English or Afrikaans
Costs:No costs.
Contact Person:Mr HH Joseph
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:0027 834971141
Additional Info:none

Mukul Aggarwal — 21 May 2010, 03:39

Hi, If this offer is still open, kindly mail me at mukulcool(AT) I would be very interested in this as I am a Computer Programmer since the past 3.5 years and am looking to utilize my skills for a noble cause.

Ryan Chakravarty — 01 February 2011, 07:38

Dear Sir/Miss

My name is Ryan Chakravarty and I am a recent Philosophy graduate from Cardiff University, Wales UK. I have been a musical producer and am computer literate.

I am very interested in this opportunity, and if it is still available I would be happy to hear from you.

I look forward to hearing for you,


Email: Mobile: 07792450407

El-Hajal Cesar — 17 March 2011, 09:27

I am an business administration graduate in Canada montreal. I am ready to offer my skills to help young student in Africa to increase there knowledge in computer. Please let me know if the position is still open

DERICK OFORI AMANKWAH — 28 May 2011, 02:46

Hello, My name is Derick, i am a network engineer graduate i want you to mail me if this offer is still pending.

my email is

thank you

Malak — 18 March 2012, 10:54

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