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Sri Lanka-Tree Planting Community Development

Stage one and two of this project have been completed. We are now fundraising to enable us to continue. If you are able to help fundraise, please contact Emily.

Sri Lanka is a lush, forested country. In order to build tsunami resettlement areas, donated land was clear felled, leaving all but a handful of trees to provide shade, adequate root systems to prevent soil erosion and flooding and fruit for the people. With German Doctors For Developing Countries, a group of volunteers and a local NGO, we launched a project to provide education, trees, soil and an opportunity for the new community to work together.

The project has been a great success. Firstly, we consulted with a local NGO, The Foundation for Livelihood Enrichment, and developed the idea. We selected 6 trees based on their strong root systems, food yielding and shading qualities. Through a series of steps, we surveyed houses and with consultation, trees for each house were chosen.

Thanks to the very hard work of Manoj Chatturanga, the Monrovia Estate has now been supplied with trees for every occupied house!

Manoj is now in the process of ensuring that any new families moving into the estate will also receive trees.

Please let us know if you're able to help in any way!

The second stage of the tree project was a great success. In just under four weeks, the remaining families in the Galagodawata Tsumami Estate were met with and were able to choose the trees for their land.

In all the following was provided:

• 19 Neem trees • 45 Lime trees • 70 Mango trees • 49 Coconut trees • 42 King Coconut trees • 46 Amberella trees • Organic fertiliser

These were provided to over 150 families in the area.

Four key local workers were employed for the four weeks of the project. All four young men were able to learn valuable skills throughout the process and it also gave them the chance to connect with the people who live in the estate, form friendships and gain an understanding of what it would be like to be relocated so far from home. The knowledge of local customs, environment and culture that they gave us was invaluable.

A total of 87,000 rupee (approx. ฃ435) was spent on completing the distribution of the trees.

The next phase of this project will commence this week in the Monrovia Estate.

On the 18th June, 2006, we distributed over 400 trees and 2 tons of fertiliser to the tsunami resettlement camp. The day was chaotic and great. There was face painting for the kids, refreshments for the adults and lots of trees!

The smiles and appreciation from people bore testimony to the success of the idea. A dedicated team of local workers and volunteers carried an idea through to the final step of giving the trees away.

Special Thanks

This would not have been possible without the dedication, energy and work of the following people:

Padma, Nihal, Chris, Amy, Sarah, Chandi, Chatturanga, Sampath, Ruwan, Tim, Gen, Greg, Sarah, Prue, Ruth and all others who did their bit to help in their own special way

Barron streets in a resettlement camp. This project is aiming to re-introduce trees to the clear felled areas.

Photos of tree collection many smiles!

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