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Tanzania-Kesho Leo Childrens Village

Kesho Leo is currently not taking any volunteers. If you are interested, please feel free to write as an expression of interest. Various postings will be updated over the next month.


Independent Volunteer Team July 17th 2008

Project Name:Kesho Leo Childrens Village
Date Posted:02/01/2008
Date Updated:17/07/2008
Country:Tanzania, East Africa
Address:PO Box 2467
Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa
Commitment:2 months
Type Of Work:Build an eco-friendly children’s village for orphans in Africa!
Required Skills:Kiswahil language an advantage, but not essential
Costs:Food ($50 per week, including eating out one night in town), living expenses (local travel, toiletries, etc $5 per week). Accommodation (possibly free if our insite volunteer huts are free. If not, local rent at nearby accommodation facility is $5 per week)
Contact Person:Rebecka
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+ 255-762-048-622

foodwatershelter (fws) is an Australian not-for-profit organisation formed in September 2005 by five Australian women who met while volunteering in Tanzania, East Africa.

We build and run eco-friendly villages (with education, social, health and community facilities), for children in developing countries.

Who we are

The fws management committee comprises five Australian women:
Rebecka Delforce - President (day job: journalist/magazine editor)
Kelsey Wilson - Vice President (day job: social worker, qualifications in psychology)
Shona Arneil - Secretary (day job: ‘special needs’ teacher)
Anne O’Donoghue - Treasurer (day job: primary school teacher)
Edwina Hammond - 2007-2008 Fundraising Co-ordinator, UK (day job: teacher)

We operate with the unfailing help of seven other professionals:
Robert Cork - Environmental Advisor (day job: environmental engineer)
Robert Watson - Environmentally-conscious Architect (day job: architect)
Ben Schwabe - IT Manager (day job: Web Developer / pilot to be!)
Joe Ward - Finance Strategist (day job: CEO, TodayCorp, online training company)
Janine Moodley - Corporate Sponsor Liaison (day job: General Manager, Catalyst,
an NGO creating a culture of corporate philanthropy)

Our current project

fws’s first project is to build Kesho Leo in Tanzania, East Africa. Kesho Leo (which is Kiswahili for
“tomorrow today”) will be an eco-friendly children’s village with a mix of early learning, further education, keep-your-culture and health programs (including HIV/AIDS support).

Getting our first project off the ground

Establishing Kesho Leo children’s village, which will house 40 Tanzanian orphans, involves these steps:

1. the purchase of 3 acres situated just outside of Arusha town, in northern Tanzania for an office/volunteer/work station site.
(Estimated at $US 30,000. Tick, we have bought our first block of land!).

2. the purchase of 3 acres situated near the above block (the site of Kesho Leo)
(Estimated at $US 12,000. Tick, we have purchased our second block of land).

3. the building of an eco-friendly, children’s village complete with library, computer/school room, community centre, sporting fields, farming plot and livestock compound.
(Roughly estimated at $US 250,000. Almost there - we have raised about 60 per cent of this!).

Why early-learning?

fws aims to encourage a generation of kids to think, question and enjoy problem solving so that this skill will eventually enable them to become employed and earn incomes to feed themselves and their families. And who knows, some may even become their country’s leaders!

Why keep-your-culture?

fws aims to rear a generation of Africans who, while possessing some undeniably useful Western skills, know and love their own country and culture deeply.

Why social skilling?

fws recognises that some Kesho Leo kids will lose each other to HIV-AIDS. We believe it’s essential to provide appropriate trauma counseling and support to deal with such experiences.

Why health programs?

fws aims to encourage a generation of healthy kids to be informed about the health issues that affect them and their country and to be compassionate towards fellow sufferers.

Why local staff?

fws wants to help boost whole communities through offering employment to as many locals as possible. We also feel this builds a strong sense of community and we’re all about that.

Why one house-mum to five kids?

fws allocates five orphaned children to just one house-mum – a local African woman who is a single mother and is keen for a home, family atmosphere and an income. This way, our house-mums are looked after and our Kesho Leo kids have plenty of access to their house-mum.

Why eco-friendly?

fws aims to build and operate with minimal impact on the environment while promoting positive environmental practices in the local community. While Kesho Leo kids will learn eco-friendly practices simply by being a part of the Kesho Leo environment, we plan to run specific environmental lessons too.

Why a vocational training centre?

fws is passionate about giving the Kesho Leo kids the best possible start to finding employment once they finish their schooling. We believe it’s essential to equip these young people with hands-on experience and IT skills as they make their way forward in life. Our vocational training centre will do just that.

Why just one children’s village?

fws aims to do more. Several more. In fact, we’d like to see our eco-friendly children’s villages operating sustainably all over the developing world. But let’s just get this one up first.

Chloe Harris — 24 October 2011, 14:37

Hi my name is Chloe Beatrice Harris, I am 19 years old. My parent are english but I was born and brought up in Italy. I have just finished school and was looking for a volunteering experience before I