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Project Name:Path to Africa
Date Posted:11/06/2008
Date Updated:16/06/2008
Address:PO Box 593, Moshi, Tanzania
Commitment:One month minimum stay
Type Of Work:We support 4 projects and volunteers work where suits best eg giving health seminars, fundraising, teaching sports, IT, English, etc, data collection and analysis, financial advise to small business owners, buying food/supplies for the orphanage etc
Required Skills:none required, though specific skills welcome, contact us for specific info
Costs:Accommodation costs only, there is no charge for volunteering. The cost is 10 euro per night if you stay 2 months+ (11 if less). This includes food (breakfast and dinner) and laundry, and is at our youth hostel, Hostel Hoff, where we accommodate up to 22 volunteers and students.
Contact Person:Sarah Carroll
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+255 787 225 908
Additional Info:Additional Info:

The hostel, and Path to Africa, was opened in 2006 by an Irish volunteer who, after volunteering with a big agency, wanted to give people the opportunity to side step profit orientated agencies and volunteer without having to mortgage your house! We are involved with 4 projects in the town, and all funds raised by volunteers are spent by the volunteer at the project. Our aim is for projects to be sustainable and self sufficient in the long run.


Our main project, which we fund almost entirely, is at a local orphanage that is home to 70 children. Great work by our volunteers and funds generated through volunteers and friends/family, have enabled us to build dorms, a dining hall, toilets, install running water, electricity, improve the health of the children etc. Volunteers are involved with different aspects of our work at the centre including teaching, buying food, planning and overseeing construction and helping with fundraising.

We are currently working on opening a sandwich shop for a local project that supports young girls to keep them out of prostitution (see Funds generated by the shop, which will employ the girls, will be used to fund the vocational training of some of the girls and keep the centre running. Though the project is still in early stages, future plans are to open a vocational centre and volunteers are currently helping with training, teaching, fundraising and opening the shop.

We are also helping to support a secondary school for disadvantaged children, and a women's group who work with women's rights, orphans and empowering women in the rural regions of Moshi.

There are other projects our volunteers have been involved with, esp those with special skills , so for a full list and further info email us or look up the website.

Future volunteers will be put ion contact with past and present volunteers to chat and get a better idea of what is going on at the tine.


Accommodation is in dorm rooms and the hostel contains all modern amenities. The environment is comfortable and is designed so volunteers can relax in the evenings and weekends, chatting, reading, watching dvds, etc. For pictures, info and message boards, see

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