Project Name:Burma Volunteer Programme
Date Posted:25/09/2007
Date Updated:18/06/2008
Commitment:3 months+
People Needed:Many Volunteer Teachers
Description:Volunteers will be placed with Burmese organizations teaching English classes, editing documents and where applicable, helping with office and organizational tasks.
Required Skills:Fluency in English, Teaching and International Experience preferred
Costs:no fees
Contact Person:Aryca
Website: or

The Burma Volunteer Program (Thailand), BVP (Thailand) was set up in January 2001 to bridge the gap between pro-democratic Burmese organizations in Thailand looking for assistance and volunteers wishing to donate time and skills toward the creation of a democratic and just Burma. Volunteers work closely with Burmese organizations (political groups, ethnic groups and women's groups) working for a democratic Burma. Volunteers are primarily involved with English programs and skill workshops.