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Thailand-Ban Janeaw School

Project Name:Teaching in Ban Janeaw School
Date Posted:07/03/2007
Date Updated:18/06/2008
City/Town:Khun Han, Sisaket Province
Commitment:1 month minimum
People Needed:Maximum of three at any one time
Description:Teaching English/Computer skills
Required Skills:Proficiency in the English language/computer knowledge. Non-native English speakers may apply but must be fluent in English. Other skills/knowledge welcome too.
Costs:Volunteer's own travel/transport expenses. Food and accommodation provided by school.
Contact Person:Mr Tanom Sinsiri
Phone:0451669125 (school) OR 0868685022 (Mr Tanom)

Ban Janeaw School is a primary school located in Sisaket province. Students are aged from 5 to 12 years old. Matured volunteers are required to teach English/computer skills in the school from May-March (school is closed for holidays in April). Experience in teaching is preferred but not required. Ability to interact well with children is essential. The school seeks a commitment of at least a month and longer stays are welcomed. Accommodation-wise, volunteers have the option of choosing between living in the school (more privacy) or homestay with a member of the school. The latter provides an opportunity for an excellent cultural exchange with a local Thai family. School can arrange to pick-up volunteers from Sisaket or Khun Han. Please email for more details and/or directions on getting to the school.

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