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Project Name:To teach English for communications and ICT in the field of Tourism Management at Chainat Commercial School
Date Posted:09/03/2009
Address:Chainat Bike Boat
Commitment:one week
Type Of Work:To teach English for communications and ICT in the field of Tourism Management
Required Skills:ESL / ICT teachers / graphics designers preferred
Costs:lodging 150 per bed per night
food 300-400 baht per day
transportation 50-100 baht per day
Contact Person:Mrs. Kemarin Rochanarat
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:668-6156 9648
Additional Info:An Invitation to Exotic Volunteer Programs in the Central Plain Region

With more than 800 million people worldwide traveling each year, there is a growing trend among travelers to visit eco-tourist destinations where they can contribute their patronage to help conserve ecosystem and support local culture during their vacations.

Chainat and Uthai Thani provinces present soft-adventure river cruise to some of the most beautiful and rarely explored watersheds of central Thailand. We, at Chainat Bike Boat, is a pioneer in this area to launch cultural agro-ecotour excursions in respond to these sophisticated travelers. Our goal is to promote community-based eco-friendly boat trips that are sustainable, benefiting the surrounding communities and limiting pressure on natural environment we live in. We also work closely with a local learning institution, Chainat Commercial School and “Puey” Community Learning Center to encourage participatory from students, residents and volunteers by providing them hands-on training to earn Diploma Degrees/non-degree credits and some will become local tourist guides. Away from the mass tourism market, we feel that our nature-oriented tour programs will help youngsters find a greater stake in the eco-tourism and higher-paid employment in their hometown without moving to bigger cities.

We also offer very affordable substantive voluntary programs for overseas volunteers to participate in meaningful social service and to make great contribution to academic study in multi-culture settings. There are many types of projects available pertaining to the development of agro-ecotourism in the area, encompassing travel to nearby points of interest and enjoy free-time activities.

On a day-to-day basis, our volunteers are involve with :
- Teach English for communications / ICT
- Create ecotourism information
- Design websites
- Survey the landscape for new attractions
- Construct/renovate folk museums
- Build riverside souvenir shops
- Develop community floating market
- Conserve the area’s ecology
- Work on organic farming

Chainat Bike Boat has the pleasure to invite you to establish partnerships with us through various exotic programs. Eco tourists who do not have the time to volunteer for a longer period of time are welcomed as well. Our flexible short-medium-long term programs can be designed to fit the needs of particular organizations with different time frames, group sizes and budget.

As a start up community-based local tour operator, your support is important to us to find the best solutions in creating models of agro-ecotourism development. Not only facilitate better understanding and appreciation of the environment, but also to improve the livelihoods of participants. Volunteers from abroad help fostering the continuation of disadvantaged community support possible and enable them to help themselves in the long run.

Boat trips by Chainat Bike Boat offer a unique educational experience for everyone. Our tailor-made volunteers assignments allow visitors to learn first hand about the rice growing Central Plain rich culture and projects in need. Teachers are encouraged to take their students on a field trip into the fertile low-lying land. Majestic rivers, lush vegetation, verdant rice fields, peaceful Buddhist temples and thriving riverside communities await you.

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Best regards,

Kemarin Rochanarat
Managing Director
Chainat Bike Boat Tour\\